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Old is New again (and vise versa)

Thursday May 12th, 2011. I walked into a local Vintage Stock store (for those not in the American Midwest it's the Nerd Heaven Store. i.e. They carry a ton of nerd culture products) and was looking for games in the sub genres of Brawlers and side scrolling Beat 'Em Ups for old school "Retro" systems (PS1 era and before).

Let me give you a little back story. My friend John and I were talking about Streets of Rage (Sega Genesis) a week or two back, which I've had very fond memories of from my childhood and he was slightly interested in the game based on stuff he heard and from my usual rambling on and on and on about random stuff about the game. So when he got a copy, I came over and tried out a classic.

Street of Rage was difficult for me growing up. Could have been the fact that I played it when I was 8 or 9, but in my childhood I never got passed stage 5. With my friend playing alongside me, great co op game btw, we got all the way to the final boss, Mr. X. When we got to him, I accidentally pushed a button, agreeing to become his right hand man. My friend John chose against him and we had to fight each other. While not intentional, it was an interesting turn. I would have liked the game to end there, but Mr. X wanted to prove my worth to him. So he sent me back to stage 6. Forcing me to play through the last 2 stages by myself. I didn't want to have John just sit there and watch or have to complete 2 of the toughest stages back to back again. So I called it quits.

ANYWHO, That wasn't exactly "short", but time to wrap it up. He picked up Streets of Rage 2. We sat down, played through it in about an hour and a half (had to take down Mr. X again of course) and we played through a few other games on the Genesis and even the Sega CD (Golden Axe, Columns and Mansion of the Hidden Souls). I went into the a couple stores and saw a Sega Saturn for $40. I asked for one of the associates to get it down for me to check it out and the system was in great condition, the controller is the Al North American Sega Saturn controller and all the cables. As I was heading to the counter I remembered that I had one of their trade in cards and used it, knocking the price down to $15. Very sweet deal right there. So now I've got a Saturn and I will be playing...