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A Day in Cantith Storybook Saga Complete (Mostly)

Well Today was an amazing day. Looked at my financial statements. I realize that I'm finally within reach of completely paying off my house. Just 78k bells left till my house is completely paid off. As I walk around town I'm finding things to sell to Nook (which just opened from it's remodeling recently) and over the span of an hour and a half I had generated enough money to pay off my mortgage. As I was heading to the Town Hall to access the terminal I needed to pay it off when Bettina pulled me aside and told me she was thinking about moving out of town. I asked why she wanted to move and she responded by saying she felt bored in the town. Of course I never want my friends to move away, but I told her that we all would miss her and she seemed shocked. Asking me to refrain from trying to change her mind.

Not sure whether she will stay or not. Will be interesting, but I'm not moving anywhere. Not after everything I've done to my house. Which reminds me. I still need to finish that off.

Walking into the Town Hall I activate my account and input the money I want to spend to cover my mortgage. After a minute or so it is done. All my debt is gone! Finished!