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A Day in Cantith May 1st, 2011

Today marked a new month in the town of Cantith. As the Spring season progresses there are more and more new things appearing. New insects, fish and events. Today I caught a moth and an angelfish. Which is a great start. After catching them for the first time, I donated them to Blathers' Museum to help expand the exhibits there and gain further understanding of our world.

I also shrunk my huge debt down to 236k bells. So I should hopefully be done in a few days if I can maintain a 60k or higher average of payments each day. In addition to that I'm going to focus more on the town. Have a few layout plans cooking around in my head. Just hope that everyone likes the changes, because they have been very picky about how things look in town. Either too few trees or too many trees. Can't seem to please them.