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Back from the Stars

So a lot has happened since my last post. As you can see it has been AWHILE. Time to get caught up...

Still playing SOLHI. I was gonna go for the platinum trophy but it was just taking too long and I really wanted to advance the story and find out what happens. I did til hour 25 in the game. Then I was introduced to one of the greatest shows ever made, next to Glee. Im talking about, of course, Firefly.

Words cant describe Firefly... well I guess they can. Imagine Indiana Jones-Crystal Skull+Outer Space+Nathan Fillion=AWESOME!!!! The show is amazing! Some of the best 12 hours of my life ever spent! The movie finishing the series, Serenity, was a great ender. Albeit there were some parts where some characters were out of character from the show coughSimoncough but all in all it was great!

Once I got done with Firefly I started Star Ocean again but was once again introduced to another show. This time it was an anime. Made by Sony Computer Entertainment and Bones. It's called Xam'd: The Lost Memories. There really isnt a way I can explain what happens in this show. Literally. You just have to watch it. It reminds me of Neon Genesis Evangelion in that you have to dig deeper to get whats really going on. Show was great! The ending seemed kinda rushed thought but was good. Really catchy theme song... so catchy I had to download it.

And that is pretty much what I have been up to since my last post. I also received my Star Ocean First Departure strategy guide in the mail last week so now I cant miss all the private actions! I'm also really excited about the Playstation Store coming back up really soon. I have been itching to play inFamous to get caught up for inFamous 2 on June 7th. So once that comes out I will crawl away into my hole of a room and wish that I could also have the power over lightning.