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Currently Playing Week of May 29th 2011

I missed the scheduled weekly update this past Sunday. So I'm making up for it now. If you have been paying attention to the site over the past couple of weeks you will know that I bought a Sega Saturn and since that time it has been consuming my gaming life. More importantly Dragon Force has already taken roughly 15 to 20 hours of my life (not sure what the exact time span is, because it doesn't keep track. Which is like the only stat it doesn't keep track of). Anyway, time to get to the update.

Sega Saturn: Dragon Force and The Mansion of Hidden Souls.

Yes, another game did make the list, but it will not return. Is it because it is bad? No. I took my Saturn over to a friend's house and we played The Mansion of Hidden Souls and beat it within 2 to 3 hours. Now don't be confused if you think you've played this game before. You likely haven't. My friend John will have an article up this week regarding this game and Mansion of Hidden Souls (for the Sega CD).

Final Fantasy X Review

For a long time I was nervous to write this review of my favorite game of all time. When I mention that Final Fantasy X is my favorite game/Final Fantasy of all time. People say that it's because it must me my first Final Fantasy game. Well it's not, in fact I played both VII and VIII before playing X. Every reviewer looks at their favorite game, says they want to share their opinions and experiences, but when it comes down to writing out the review, I'm sure everyone gets worried that they won't be able to convey the experience properly. That was my biggest concern. Even now, after the review is done, I'm finding things I left out or issues with the write up. I know nothing is perfect, but I want to explain the game in such high praise, because it deserves it. Anyway, let's get to the review.

(Continue after the break to read the review)

Back from the Stars

So a lot has happened since my last post. As you can see it has been AWHILE. Time to get caught up...
Still playing SOLHI. I was gonna go for the platinum trophy but it was just taking too long and I really wanted to advance the story and find out what happens. I did til hour 25 in the game. Then I was introduced to one of the greatest shows ever made, next to Glee. Im talking about, of course, Firefly.
Words cant describe Firefly... well I guess they can. Imagine Indiana Jones-Crystal Skull+Outer Space+Nathan Fillion=AWESOME!!!! The show is amazing! Some of the best 12 hours of my life ever spent! The movie finishing the series, Serenity, was a great ender. Albeit there were some parts where some characters were out of character from the show coughSimoncough but all in all it was great!
Once I got done with Firefly I started Star Ocean again but was once again introduced to another show. This time it was an anime. Made by Sony Computer Entertainment and Bones. It's called Xam'd:…

Just Another Expansion

I know I said in my recent post that the articles would start to dry up some with Dragon Force consuming my life's free time and Star Ocean doing the same to Gambit, but this is about the expansion of the site itself.

So taking some time out to advertise some of the new features present on the site, like:

1) Popular Posts: This will show what everyone is viewing the most. If you don't like the top three, then get out there and promote the articles you do like. Bring the attention of the masses to this site! As pointed out, this is the Top 3 most viewed articles on J1ML based on page views. In order to increase that number you have to go into the article.

2) Blog Archive: It's back, I told you it would return. Just One More Level has reached over 20 posts (and more coming everyday). So to make it easier to find articles posted that you love to read, you can find them easily through this feature.

3) Reviews: This has been added to give a dedicated section of the site for rea…

Currently Playing Week of May 22nd 2011

Well it finally came in. Last Friday Dragon Force came in the mail and I have been playing it NON-STOP! I love the game and most is complete, in the original case. YAY! Also the manual and disc are in excellent condition as well.

There should be no surprises as to what I'm going to be playing this week, but I'll let you know anyways. 'Cause I'm a great guy like that.

Saturn: DRAGON FORCE!!!!

Now, granted this will cause me to fall pretty low on articles during this time. A similar problem that Gambit is running into with his Star Ocean gaming. BUT we will still try to post new articles throughout the week.

Oh another thing to look forward to, E3!!! It's coming up and there is no way I'm going to go without talking about what gets announced.


Well the week is over half-way done and I haven't gotten my copy of Dragon Force yet. Which in itself is a bummer, but that also means that I won't be able to get any first hand impressions up here on the site this week. (Something I was really looking forward to doing)

So I've adjusted my currently playing list a little bit. I will replace Dragon Force this week with Grid Runner for the Saturn. So far I'm really enjoying it and have played multiplayer with my friend John. We both like it, but there is room for improvement. I believe I like it more than he does and look forward to some impressions soon.

Old is New again (and vise versa)

Thursday May 12th, 2011. I walked into a local Vintage Stock store (for those not in the American Midwest it's the Nerd Heaven Store. i.e. They carry a ton of nerd culture products) and was looking for games in the sub genres of Brawlers and side scrolling Beat 'Em Ups for old school "Retro" systems (PS1 era and before).

Let me give you a little back story. My friend John and I were talking about Streets of Rage (Sega Genesis) a week or two back, which I've had very fond memories of from my childhood and he was slightly interested in the game based on stuff he heard and from my usual rambling on and on and on about random stuff about the game. So when he got a copy, I came over and tried out a classic.

Street of Rage was difficult for me growing up. Could have been the fact that I played it when I was 8 or 9, but in my childhood I never got passed stage 5. With my friend playing alongside me, great co op game btw, we got all the way to the final boss, Mr. X. When…

Currently Playing Week of May 15th 2011

I would like to point out that PSN is back up in North America! FINALLY! Feels like a year. Of course I really didn't have plans to play anything on the PSN for the last month, but I've gained a lot of trophies across my 3 active PS3's and maybe even my friend's PS3, not for sure. Anywho, here is my current list of gaming for the week.

PSP: Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection
Wii: Animal Crossing: City Folk (maybe)
Saturn: Dragon Force (FUCK YEAH! GOT ME A SATURN!)

Currently Playing Week of May 8th, 2011

To get this back on schedule I will go ahead on post this for what I'm going to be playing for the rest of the week. Then on Sunday I will report what will be played and done throughout next week. Two new things to point out. Gambit's currently playing list is added (starting with this post) and I'm only going to post a system if it's going to be played this week.

So no more PSN: Nothing entries. So let's get started.

PSP: Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection
Wii: Animal Crossing: City Folk
PS3: Infamous

Nothing.....Okay for him I'll post the nothing thing....He was playing Portal 2, but decided that he was going to do what gamers typically struggle with, being social. Haha. Don't worry though. He will be back in due time.

A Day in Cantith Storybook Saga Complete (Mostly)

Well Today was an amazing day. Looked at my financial statements. I realize that I'm finally within reach of completely paying off my house. Just 78k bells left till my house is completely paid off. As I walk around town I'm finding things to sell to Nook (which just opened from it's remodeling recently) and over the span of an hour and a half I had generated enough money to pay off my mortgage. As I was heading to the Town Hall to access the terminal I needed to pay it off when Bettina pulled me aside and told me she was thinking about moving out of town. I asked why she wanted to move and she responded by saying she felt bored in the town. Of course I never want my friends to move away, but I told her that we all would miss her and she seemed shocked. Asking me to refrain from trying to change her mind.

Not sure whether she will stay or not. Will be interesting, but I'm not moving anywhere. Not after everything I've done to my house. Which reminds me. I still nee…

Sony Stepping Up to the Plate

Last weekend, Sony Computer Entertainment announced that we will provide complimentary enrollment in an identity theft protection program. Here are the details of this program for PlayStation Network and Qriocity account holders in the United States only. We are working to make similar programs available in other countries/territories where applicable. Information will be posted on local websites/blogs when available. Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment International have made arrangements with Debix, Inc., one of the industry’s most reputable identity protection firms, to offer AllClear ID Plus at no cost to PlayStation Network and Qriocity account holders for 12 months from the time an account holder registers for the program. Please note that we will start sending out activation emails for this program over the next few days, and you will have until June 18th to sign-up and redeem your code. You will need to sign up directly through AllClearID, not on Sony’s…

Currently Playing Week of May 1st, 2011

As things return to normal on the site. Here is what I missed putting up on Sunday. 

PSP: Nothing PSN: Nothing PS3: Nothing PSOne Classics: Vagrant Story Wii: Animal Crossing: City Folk DS: Nothing Xbox 360: Nothing

I'm going to start playing a little more as my school schedule lighten. Next week I will probably pick back up Dissidia 2 and maybe even Chrono Trigger on DS.

A Day in Cantith May 1st, 2011

Today marked a new month in the town of Cantith. As the Spring season progresses there are more and more new things appearing. New insects, fish and events. Today I caught a moth and an angelfish. Which is a great start. After catching them for the first time, I donated them to Blathers' Museum to help expand the exhibits there and gain further understanding of our world.

I also shrunk my huge debt down to 236k bells. So I should hopefully be done in a few days if I can maintain a 60k or higher average of payments each day. In addition to that I'm going to focus more on the town. Have a few layout plans cooking around in my head. Just hope that everyone likes the changes, because they have been very picky about how things look in town. Either too few trees or too many trees. Can't seem to please them.

Kaz Lays Out New PSN Strategy

Phased Global Rollout of Services to Begin Regionally;
System Security Enhanced to Provide Greater Protection of Personal Information
Tokyo, May 1, 2011 – Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) and Sony Network Entertainment International (SNEI, the company) announced they will shortly begin a phased restoration by region of PlayStation®Network and Qriocity™ services, beginning with gaming, music and video services to be turned on. The company also announced both a series of immediate steps to enhance security across the network and a new customer appreciation program to thank its customers for their patience and loyalty.