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Starting Over

So Ive been playing two games at the same time which I usually never do cause I dont really have time to be playing two at the same time. The games are Star Ocean Last Hope International and Star Ocean First Departure. Two problems here: Both of them are very long games and SOLHI is a prequel to SOFD. SOLHI is the last game in the series to come out but is a prequel to the whole series. I like playing my games in the order that they are released so I decided to work on SOFD first. How is the game going?

Well... Im a completion junkie. I like doing everything in the game. The Star Ocean series has a storytelling mechanic called private actions which are unique interactions between characters that enhances the main story or the character development. Im all for character development. I loved the series finale of LOST... most people didnt but to each their own. Anyway, got sidetracked there for a second. Im a little over ten hours into the game when I realize that I have bypassed about 1/3 of ALL the private actions... Not happy about this. So now I have to restart the game over and play from the beginning using the guide for all the private actions.

Most people will say that using a guide takes away from the experience of the game... Depends on the game. With this series its needed. Not for the beastiary or help with bosses, no, for the private actions... and the item creation but thats different. So now I have to, first of all, find the guide which is gonna be hard because I would like to find it locally and use online as a last resort. Then play through ten hours of gameplay, I have already played through, without skipping anything to get caught up and then beat the game. Then after that's done I have to find the second game in the series, Star Ocean: Second Departure.

Yeah... I am going to be backlogged on my games for a VERY long time. Especially with inFamous 2 coming out June 7th.