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Currently Playing Week of Apr. 24th

Okay for today's list things have shrunk. Yup, my list for the week will not be as expansive as last weeks. Mainly for two reasons. Dissidia 012 [duodecim]: Final Fantasy has really started picking up (hint hint Lightning finally FINALLY gets put in her place by the Warrior of Light! Gotta see what happens next) and Animal Crossing is going to need some serious devotion to pay off this next debt in the game (587,000 bells to pay off that basement expansion. JEEZUS!!)

I want to see Cloud bitch slap Lightning. Cloud isn't my favorite, but I don't like Lightning even more.

Wonderful game, just bad timing on my part.
PSOne Classics: Vagrant Story (I still want to fit some time in)
PSP: Dissidia 2 (the full and actual name is up above, not going to type all that out every time...of course I could have used this to type....oh never mind...)
PS3: Nothing (sorry Dragon Age suck....back of the line)
PSN: Nothing. (this nothing was planned before the outages. So not hurting me Anon)
Wii: Life Eater....I mean Animal Crossing: City Folk
DS: Nothing.
Android: Sudoku (my phone is always on me)
Xbox 360: Maybe You Don't Know Jack, but that's if I go over to my friend's house and we play it and I feel like playing games that day.

Vagrant Story and Sudoku are the only strong wild cards here. You Don't Know Jack likely won't make it.