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Starting Over

So Ive been playing two games at the same time which I usually never do cause I dont really have time to be playing two at the same time. The games are Star Ocean Last Hope International and Star Ocean First Departure. Two problems here: Both of them are very long games and SOLHI is a prequel to SOFD. SOLHI is the last game in the series to come out but is a prequel to the whole series. I like playing my games in the order that they are released so I decided to work on SOFD first. How is the game going?

Well... Im a completion junkie. I like doing everything in the game. The Star Ocean series has a storytelling mechanic called private actions which are unique interactions between characters that enhances the main story or the character development. Im all for character development. I loved the series finale of LOST... most people didnt but to each their own. Anyway, got sidetracked there for a second. Im a little over ten hours into the game when I realize that I have bypassed about 1…

The New Guy

Hey all! Im the new guy! Name is Gambit! Ill be posting on here along with Jeff every once in awhile. This is my introductory post. Im not very good at these things so here goes. Heres a few things about me:

Favorite systems(cant choose one): SNES, Dreamcast, Genesis, PSP, PS3, PS2, PC, DS
Favorite Manga 1-6: In this order they are: Trigun, One Piece, Rave Master, Naruto, Fairy Tail, Bleach
Favorite Game of All Time: Chrono Trigger(Also best RPG ever)
Favorite RPG Series: Kingdom Hearts
Favorite Game Character: Sonic the Hedgehog
Favorite TV Shows that are still on: Psych, House, Glee(Yes Glee)
Favorite Shows that are not on anymore: LOST, Heroes
Well thats all that I can think of right now. Ill post more later on with my experience with the Star Ocean series. Just started the PSP and PS3 ones so it will be AWHILE before I'm done. Later.

A Day in Cantith April 27, 2011

Everyone around town is talking about my new basement. Saying they should use me as motivation to complete their homes the way they want them. It's an interesting (but kind of annoying) theme around town. I mean, how do they know what I've done with my house??? I haven't invited them are they just complementing me on having it completed? Have they broken into my house? So many questions.

Of course while I'm pondering that I find out that Freckles has moved out of my town. Which now makes two who have moved. Midge was first and at least she sold her house (which Victoria moved into), but Freckles has nothing left standing from where his house was at. I don't know why they moved away and why there isn't more people moving in. It's frustrating. The town is coming along nicely. Oh well. Hopefully everyone else remains here, because I love Cantith and the people who come here.

Anywho, this past Sunday we celebrated Bunny Day in town. Zipper T Bunny ca…

Currently Playing Week of Apr. 24th

Okay for today's list things have shrunk. Yup, my list for the week will not be as expansive as last weeks. Mainly for two reasons. Dissidia 012 [duodecim]: Final Fantasy has really started picking up (hint hint Lightning finally FINALLY gets put in her place by the Warrior of Light! Gotta see what happens next) and Animal Crossing is going to need some serious devotion to pay off this next debt in the game (587,000 bells to pay off that basement expansion. JEEZUS!!)

PSOne Classics: Vagrant Story (I still want to fit some time in)
PSP: Dissidia 2 (the full and actual name is up above, not going to type all that out every time...of course I could have used this to type....oh never mind...)
PS3: Nothing (sorry Dragon Age suck....back of the line)
PSN: Nothing. (this nothing was planned before the outages. So not hurting me Anon)
Wii: Life Eater....I mean Animal Crossing: City Folk
DS: Nothing.
Android: Sudoku (my phone is always on me)
Xbox 360: Maybe You Don't Know Ja…

Norio Ohga Dies at 81

There's more sad news out of Japan this morning, we're afraid --Sonyis reporting that former chairman Norio Ohga passed away in Tokyo yesterday from multiple organ failure. He was 81. You may not personally remember a Sony under his reign -- Ohga directly helmed the company from 1982 to 1995 after decades of service in product planning -- but Norio Ohga was arguably the man responsible for turning Sony from a high-profile analog electronics manufacturer into a digital multimedia conglomerate. He helmed the deals that formed Sony Music, paved the way for Sony Pictures and established the very same Sony Computer Entertainment that would birth thePlayStation, and it was he who pushed the optical compact disc standard that all but replaced the magneticcassettesanddiskettesthat held portable media. Without him, DVDs and Blu-rays might have fallen by the wayside, and that's another thought that brings tears to our eyes. You'll find Ohga's official obituary after the brea…

A Day in Cantith April 20, 2011

Today was like most days in Cantith. So many things need to be done and everyone around town is getting excited for the weekend. Which to be honest I'm getting excited as well, two events are scheduled, the Flea market returns and Zipper T will be in town. Can't forget that K.K. Slider will be in town on Saturday to play music in the cafe. This weekend is packed. I CAN"T WAIT! Anywho, I'm closing in on paying off the debt I incurred from remodeling my house recently. Have knocked it down to roughly 120,000 bells. Once that is paid off, I might be in the mood for even more remodeling. Would like an even bigger bedroom, but I don't know if that is in the cards right now. Need extra space, very crowded as it is. Might tie it to "pack rat syndrome", but won't go that far yet. I mean everything has a purpose.....right?

Expansion of J1ML

As you readers have likely noticed, things are slowly starting to change on the site already. I've been going through the bland site I have now and mapping out my future vision. Since launching just a few days ago I've been looking deeply into the future. I'm very pleased with how this site currently is, but expansion is always needed. So without further ado here are some of the new changes.

My Favorite Blogs - I'm going to start creating a list of my favorite blogs run by my friends or industry insiders that I believe to be the best. The first inductee to my list is *drum roll and the 50' tall screen behind me shows..... "My Brain on Games", a close friend of mine by the name of John (the guy I played KillZone 3 co-op with a couple days ago) runs this site. John fills this site up with his own take on all things within the video game industry....and produce. Creating personal constructive reviews of games he's playing or played, in depth journals and…

Killzone 3 Co-Op Hands-On Impressions

(This is a very early impression of Killzone 3, but wanted to get my impressions up while it was still fresh)

Before I really start I would like to point out that I loved the game play of KillZone 2. Each of the weapons in the game had weight to it. Some called it "clunky controls", which seemed to hamper the sales as we've moved more and more into a "Call of Duty society". Faster is better or so the folks over at Activision claim. So for the people, like me who learned KillZone 2's controls, I didn't like it when I read that KillZone 3 was going to follow more of the CoD formula and go away from what Guerrilla Games had established with KillZone 2. After playing KillZone 3 with a close friend of mine yesterday (the co-op campaign no less), I have this to say.

KILLZONE 3 IS AMAZING. At least for the 30 to 45 minutes we played. The Helghast are aggressive, smart, violent and purely intense. This is not a game where you can just run and gun. Gunfire comes…

Currently Playing Week of Apr. 17th

This week is going to be full of new segments and article "themes". You've already seen one of them with the Storybook series, now it's time to fill you in on what I'm playing for the week. I know, the title totally doesn't give away what this article is about. Very unique and original. Anywho, here we go.

PSOne Classics: Vagrant Story
PSP: Dissidia: 012 [Duodecim]: Final Fantasy
PS3: Dragon Age II (sparingly)
PSN: Nothing
Wii: Animal Crossing: City Folk (main game)
DS: Nothing
Android: Sudoku
Xbox 360: Nothing (single player wise, have been playing You Don't Know Jack with a friend of mine)

So there you have it. My list of games I'm currently playing and no I'm obviously not playing all these games at the same time. Animal Crossing is the game I'm spending the most time with and the others are getting little pieces here and there. Dissidia has likely taken the second place spot for the week.

A Day in Cantith

I awoke from my peaceful slumber. Stood, stretched, let out a huge yawn and walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Yesterday was a nice day, as the day before it was as well, looking forward to what today would bring. As my sleep started to wear off I could tell it was raining outside. Ate breakfast, read the local Cantith Times, which had an article about a new neighbor who moved into town from another city. Her name was Victoria, sat there and thought for a minute "Wonder if that's the same woman from my friend's town". Folded the newspaper up, finished my breakfast, took it to the sink and got ready for the day ahead.

Walking outside revealed the storm had mostly gone away, but the clouds were still around. Fresh air and calming winds were left. "This is going to be a perfect day", I thought to myself. When i started walking I noticed I had mail, opened up the mailbox and pulled out two letters. One was from The Happy House Academy and the other was f…

Just One More Level is Born

This is the debut post for my new site. For those of you wondering what to expect from this blog site and why it is any different from the countless others on the web these days, it's simple. I'm vocal and opinionated about video games. Some see me as a person just trying to be controversial and honestly I've been banned from sites because I don't beat around the bush. If I don't like something, I say I don't like it. I won't sugarcoat it.

I believe that gaming has grown up enough that intellectual discussion can be made about every aspect that is the multi billion dollar video game industry. As such you will see me state my opinions on everything I've gotten my hands on and the people that will eventually join the staff will do the same.

Another aspect of this blog is to give a you (the reader) a glimpse into my personal life. From college trials and further expansion of this site. Like for instance a major announcement is going to happen on this very …