***To keep the articles from getting cluttered with updates on the original story. Microsoft just announced that Xbox Live Gold would not see the changes listed in our previous article. So, no price increase, at least for now.***

Straight from Microsoft, nothing is changing on the Xbox Live Gold front now. Due to massive push back within 24 hours of the announcement that pricing was going to skyrocket.

What this means for Microsoft in regards to the "freebies" that Gold provides in the future? Now that is up in the air.

The price increase was largely seen as a move that would push people towards Game Pass. However, seeing the backlash the announcement got, apparently that is not what the larger fanbase wants.


The price of Xbox Live Gold is in fact increasing to the various new price points. 1 month is now $10.99, 3 months is now $29.99 and 6 months is now $59.99. 12 month memberships will be getting phased out if you don't renew now. Price appears to still be $59.99 for now.

Users over on reddit are discussing an image that leaked out about the 6-month subscription card for Xbox Live Gold showing a price tag of $59.99.

2020 has wrapped up (thank the Lords) and with that, I felt the need to post about the best games I've played in 2020. This list isn't filled with games that came out this year (I will try to keep it within the calendar year, but hey, it's my list - not yours), as there are plenty of games from yesteryear that got played for the first time or my playthrough ended during the year.


You read that right. Sony has moved to banish Cyberpunk 2077 from the PlayStation Store until the game meets new standards. This could be due to CD Projekt Red posting about issuing refunds before they had worked out a deal with Microsoft and Sony beforehand.

However, needless to say. Cyberpunk is no longer released, as far as digital goes. And refunds are being issued out to anyone that wants one. As long as the game was purchased through the PS Store.

I'm always wanting RPGs to play. Massive, story driven, character developing epics...they are fairly rare these days. We're definitely not in the days of the SNES, PS1 and PS2 anymore. So having the grind of smaller to indie sized RPGs has been fine, but having those 60+ hour games like Radiata Stories, Final Fantasy 1 thru 10, Star Ocean: Til the End of Time, Breath of Fire 3, and many many more become less and less... Has been disheartening.

Then, November/December 2020 happens.

Today's Fury issue will be relatively short. Just kinda focusing on the one thing that I've been working on for the last week and a half.

Over the years, I've gone through phases with my game collection. I'm an RPG enthusiast at heart, but I tend to pick up any game as long as it looks appealing to me. I'll even hang on to various titles for years. However, I will eventually reach a point where the interest to "purge" games from said library occurs.

Thanks to the fine folks over at The Verge we've got a full comparison of the size for the PS5, the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S... And damn... The PS5 is a BIG BOY!

This is definitely a beastly machine, but the Xbox Series X isn't too much smaller. The PS5 is taller and has more depth, but is certainly slimmer than the X.

Seeing the DualSense in the above shot helps me see that it isn't a massive controller in comparison to the (now old) Dualshock 4 design.

Can you smell it? The seasons are changing. The weather is getting colder. And we are mere weeks away from the smell of new consoles! It's October 24th and finally something positive to talk about in 2020!

Xbox kicks things off on November 10th and Sony follows VERY closely after on November 12th. I for one, can't wait to go hands on with these beastly platforms that will be shaping the way gaming evolves over the next 10 years.

Time to get anothe issue out, IN A FURY!

Over the last several weeks I've been absolutely hooked on Prolatariat's battlemage battle royale game Spellbreak. I'm typically not one that enjoys the first few titles of a new "genre" so to speak, but around the time of a few "copycat" releases and BOOM! I find one that I like.

Same thing happened with MOBAs, I absolutely hate (and still very much dislike) League of Legends and DOTA, HOWEVER, I loved Smite.